Guess who’s back?


So we’ve been slacker than a prostitutes with several kids vag-jay-jay as of late so apologies. i think our last post goes all the way back to march which is shameful. i wish we had a decent excuse like we’d be hospitalized or we did the season in Ibiza again…. we’ve simple been mooching around Leeds from party to party been L-A-Z-Y! and that doesn’t get you anywhere!

Truth be told i forgot we even had a blog until a few weeks ago i was at some hell hole of a festival in bonnie scotland which featured deep house pioneers Duke Dumont, MK , Oliver $ and some other turklingtons on the bill. I had someone ask me why we stopped the blog? And the only answer to give was? Can you say that again mate i can’t understand your accent? he repeated in his scottish twang and i couldn’t actually give an answer so that made me think let’s bring the blog back!

So i guess we best get to the music. And since the blog was given a bit of a triple heart bypass and resurrected in Scotland and them scratching their cans of super tennents itching for independence i thought apart from the union jack looking shit and iron bru probably doubling in price would we miss the the sweaty socks musically?

Something Old-: 

This little or ‘wee’ piece if from a chap called tobias schmidt sounds more like a nazi foot soldier than a scot granted but he is and he’s pretty fucking good at making techno. This dates back to 1995 when drugs were ace regardless who you bought them from.


Something New -:  

Here’s someone i would miss it’s auntie flo i’ve still now managed to see one of his live set’s yet but he truly is a great musician who can flex between afro-beat , house , soul , salsa and anything that makes you shake like an ann summers battery powered toy.

Something borrowed -:  

I shazamed this little puppy once upon a club night can’t remember who i stole it from to be fair or where i even was not the greatest of story’s i know but it’s a great song that’s all i know and it’s from Marquis Hawkes who’s seen many a release on DABJ which is a scottish label not the greatest of facts i know but it’s a great label.

Something Blue-:  And the women i’d defo miss granny scogins and her taste in kilts.


So there you have it other shout out’s have to go out to Optimo, Harri & Domenic, Jackmaster , James Johnson , Koreless,  Craig Smith , OOFT, Fudge Fingas & Linkwood

I’m Saying NO to independence and YES to indepen-dance!

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History of House

History of House



So I saw the latest trailer / teaser for the house that built chicago ; which is a brand spanking new house music documentary which for me I found quite painful. So myself personally when asked this question I first thought of the golden era with the likes of Fingers Inc , Frankie Knuckles , Larry Levan etc but then I remembered been shown a Number of names – sharevari by moodymann the first time I saw him he hand picked this as the track that started it all.

Now although I think Kenny Dixon Jr might be the coolest mother fucker on the planet I couldn’t help but still scratch my head and think was that the very beginning? and what came before then?

So here’s my little piece on the history of house…. hope you enjoy.

Now before I go on i’ll tell you now this shit ain’t gospel either i’m not saying I know the answer because truly I reckon it’s hard to point a finger at a group of fat kids with cake all round there lips and say who took the first slice but i’m gonna get all inspector cluso on this shit and to do that you gotta find out who firstly baked the cake before it was consumed…. so here we go!
What happened before house??..

Well the answer would be Disco and the first traditional disco tune I can find would be this and by traditional I mean (electric bass and guitar, live drums, and acoustic orchestras)

Now this little puppy dates back as far as 1969 and I don’t think it can be argued that it has all the elements of disco but when did Disco become electronic and synth happy?

Well that was when the Moog came around and the first guy to master that was a chap who had a girls names. Sweet ol’ Wendy Carlos came and fucked shit up in classical land by spanking an album called switched on bach. It was recorded on a custom-built eight-track recorder fannying about with numerous takes and overdubs. This was long before the days of MIDI sequencers. Recording the album was a tedious and time-consuming process—each of the pieces had to be assembled one part at a time it’s a lot of a fuck about but well worth it as this is what he created.

Jazz got hold of it and it sounded like this


Electronic Music was created and it sounded like this……

And when Disco finally got to grips it sounded EPIC

Now i’ve totally lost myself here. Where was we? This isn’t about the Moog but about house but I think it’s very important to talk about this as it’s a key part to any electronic sound and house is electronic so there is a very brief history on the Moog and what is did to some genres.

Now are we closer to finding out who made the first house music song?? Absolutely not. But I think it’s important to point out a few people who could be in contention to claiming they started house music these are Telex and of course it needed someone from Japan home of the Yamaha Keyboard and let’s be fair all round dab hands with technology i’m talking about the Yellow Magic Orchestra these guys was snapping necks before Kraftwerk and certainly deserve a mention.


& Yellow Magic Orchestra (skip it in if your don’t wanna feel like your stuck inbetween a battle between Sonic the hedgehog and Mario & Luigi)

Personally the closest I can get to finding the first house beat as we know it now is 1984 with a few people contending who stamped the house stamp.

Everyone jumped on Jesse Saunders On & On, which has sold at £180 at it’s higest so surely thats for a reason behind the price maybe this was the first ever house tune ever made?

But I can’t help but put this into contention too

Personally I don’t think we’ll know which fat chubby fuck eat that first slice of cake nor’ will we find out who made house music first but I thought i’d dig some things out that made a difference.

Something blue -:

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The Ghost


Saturday 8th March 2014 and we are currently in the age of the lazy cunt, And that’s exactly why we haven’t done a blog in a while so apologies for that. But we are back now and with the subject of Ghosts. Recently I have seen people get spooked out about ghosts. I don’t mean the bedroom sheet floating around rooms with cut out eye holes… I mean something more scary to any music purist the ghost producer!

Now let me put this opinion out there and that’s all it is an opinion. I’m all for ghost producers.

I said It before we are in the age of the lazy which is sadly a fetal disease that is hitting promoters all over the country. They know the best way to fill a club is to hit up beatport or juno’s top 10. They are booking people who are in many ways  one hit wonders who have no actual experience of DJ’ing and DJ stands for Disc Jockey which might surprise some of the newer generation of USB’J’s and Laptops. They shoot there way to the top with normally a one hit wonder and are getting bookings for days upon end.

Now Here’s another scenario for you. Your a music fan and been collecting records for years you can mix tighter and a 13 year olds snatch and have gems coming out your arse however when you hit the studio your attention span is of a fish maybe due to the many late nights under the influence or so on but you can’t get the hang of this producing malarkey? What do you do? I’ll tell you what i’d do i’d ring a friend up and see if i could jump in the studio and get a track together.

It’s sad but the time of the DJ is almost forgotten about I can only name a few that have soley made it with just there DJ’ing ability and i’m gonna sing there praises and post up my favorite mixes in today’s blog.

I know for sure if I was a customer i’d rather pay to see the best Disc Jockey in the world than the best producer. And is getting help in the studio any different from getting help with a laptop DJ’ing?

Something Old -: Optimo are simply amazing and here is a mix from 1991. from one half of the duo twitch the night that led to there success started in 1997 so this was prior but i’m putting it into the mixer as Optimo as both are class acts.

Something New -: Put this in the new section but it’s not so call me a liar and cheat if you want I don’t give a fuck but you’ll be thanking me after checking out this mix he’s simply amazing filling you with non stop funk and boogie and certainly making your day a bit brighter.

Something Borrowed-: Not borrowed at all but this guy for me is one of the very best around ok I know he’s had a couple of tunes out but as collabs and done a various bits and bobs but predominantly he is a Disc Jockey and one the very

best out there we’ve booked him for nest a few years ago and he tore the place to bits! Here’s a mix from 1994

Something Blue -: not the best blowjob lips i’ve seen. but i’ve never shaged a pumpkin like.



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Tru luv


So it’s Valentine’s day and love is in the air. I expect everyone’s about to dine out with the love of their life after a day of exchanging gift after gift and whispering an insurmountable amount of sweet nothings into each other’s ears . The young singleton’s have rushed back from work, put on their favourite undercrackers and bought some of the finest hugo bosshead cologne from poundland in a last ditch attempt to whisk away some true love tonight…

But in reality this image is not one we can all relate to. Instead tonight most of us will go out and get that cunted we forget our spud faced, spouses name and proceed to stumble home, not holding hands with that love of ours, by with tariq’s finest donner kebab. And Instead of making love to your significant other you will most likely get back and fuck the sleeve of your favourite jacket whilst sobbing over your last true love which was way back in year 8.

To stop this from happening here’s my finest selection of sexy boy’s to help you get down and dirty tonight.

Something old: -

First up a true classic, just remember all you young folk loved up to the teeth ‘Only Love can break your heart’ as echoed in this masterpiece by St Etienne.  Up there as one of the true classics from the 1990’s, much more a sombre tune to ponder away your previous bogeyed girlfriend, rather than to whip off your keks to and make love in a manic sexual frenzy.

St Etienne – Only Love can break your heart

Something New

Not new at all but, but who gives a fuck when Dance Mania have re released some of their greatest hits as part of a new compilation called Hardcore Traxx. Now with hits such as ‘da dik suk’ ‘work this pussy’ and ‘3 fine hoes’ this Chicago based label might not be the best soundtrack to woo away Tracy the photocopier from work that you think might have a twinkle in her eye just for you. So instead I’ve chosen a track that’s a little more loved up than your usual dance mania, hoe bangin slammer. it’s entitled ‘searching hard’ by da posse,  it’s perfect background music back at yours as you tell that special one about your volunteering work for blind puppy dogs and how you’re definitely going to see them again.

Something borrowed: -

This got dropped last night by my boy Damiano Von Erckert in the boiler room and it went off. Ok, so the tune might have been sampled more times than the thighs of the local brass. But it definitely has its place and can go down a treat at the right time. This 70’s classic makes me want to don some of my dad’s old foisty flares, perm my hair with my nan’s blowdryer and hit the town looking like a 1970’s hustler with pimp stick firmly in tow.

Gwen Mccrae – All this Love

Something Blue: -



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Hipperty Hop

Hipperty Hop.


Well it’s February and it’s almost valentines day but the only love we’ll be showing this month is for James Dewitt Yancey aka J-Dilla. A few days ago marked the 8th year anniversary of his death. So I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a J-Dilla top 10 for those who don’t know J-Dilla was a producer and a rap artist and basically he was the bollocks everything he touched turned to hip hop gold…. and here’s my rundown.

Here’s my rundown

10 – : Common – The Light

At the turn of the century, Dilla had mastered his warm and fuzzy boom-bap style of production, and by the time the “The Light” hit I personally feel he’d reached his A-Game. The next phase of Jay Dee’s production style was more on the digital side of things but this was a welcome goodbye to that era, which also gave Common the biggest hit of his career.

9 -: Fall in love

8 -: Janet Jackson Got Til It’s Gone Jay Dee’s Revenge Mix

Basically this songs a bitch slap back to the dickheads who didn’t credit him for the Janet Jackson velvet rope album he takes this and beefs up the baseline and sends it back with a big fuck you.


7-: Pharcyde – Runnin

The Pharcyde is thankful to J-D for this hit; Dilla here is fresh producer producing a much more brighter baseline than pharcyde was use to and putting in horns, piano’s and a fuck load of class and style showed everyone there is a new lad in town and he’s pretty good at putting shit together.

6- Tribe Called Quest – Get a hold

Tribe Called Quest are always gonna sound good i think but Dilla stamped his own style on them guys too Later in his career we’d learn that Dilla had a liking for sampling strange voices, manipulating them and then poking there eyeballs out to make them into tracks. “Got A Hold” was one of the first times we witnessed this technique It’s also worth noting that Dilla’s right-hand man, DJ Houseshoes, famously claimed that Dilla made this beat in just 12 minutes. I can’t even last that long in the sack never mind make a timeless track like this!

5- Slum Village – DISCO

This joint right here makes you wanna poor shit loads of Hennessey start throwing it up in the air because lets be fair that shit tastes like discharge. But it makes you happy the tune that is not discharge I love this it’s slow bassline does shit to me and give me goosebumps!

4 : J-Dilla – Pause

This for me is really like go go gadget shit the guy’s producing stuff way ahead of his time. The bass and drums literally bubble from your speakers. Rumours have it the girls in D-town use to strip to the album Welcome 2 Detroit now that to me sounds dreams titty’s and j-dilla on the speakers… get me there!

3-: Slum Village – The Players

Now this is why in my opinion he’s one of the greatest of all time…. Slum villages album

Fantastic Vol. 2 was set to drop in 1998 as part of SV’s deal with A&M Records, but when the label folded, the album was stuck in limbo. The album finally saw release in the summer of 2000, and by this point, Dilla had raised his profile considerably, becoming the toast of the underground and a full-fledged member of the Soulquarian collective.

 Dilla was a master manipulator of noises, sounds and voices, but what he did on “Players” was the stuff of legend.

Sampling a simple “Claire” Dilla slowed the lyric down beyond the turntable’s pitch capacity so you think you’re hearing the word “Players.” When this sampling feat was unearthed and fully comprehended it solidified Dilla to be next level at his game.

2 -: Q-Tip – Breath & Stop.

We all know this one….yep like I said this guy shit gold ; this maybe his most well known tune i think i might have been shaking my tail feather at creation years ago to this. it was 5 bottles for a fiver in there i didn’t care what i was dancing to but i always use to point at a lass and shout / slur in her mouth SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! 

1-: Amp Fiddler – You Play Me

I think here you can really tell just how good he is the vocals are B-E-A-UTIFUL however his production skills stand out ten fold and if perfection was a sound I can imagine it sounds a little like this.




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Outta the t’other bag


Some of you might know and others might not but as well as Albion Records, we run a time period called Nest. Masses might like to call this a night but it tends to lasts much longer than that so I like to call it a time period. Anyways long story short we use to hold a regular slot at a local bar called Distrikt every Thursday. Often we used this time to bring things out of the other bag. Think hip hop, funk , soul this was the plan anyways but it wouldn’t be odd to find a man in a mask blasting out 130 bpm techno whilst a couple was on there first date indulging into the delights of tapas..

Anyways it’s Wednesday which means it’s nearly Thursday which means it would have been time to spin some out of sort tunes!

Something Old – : Big old Gil Scotty boy heron sets his pipes up on this old 1971 ballad talking about him pottering around his home town and it striking him it’s a bit of a shit hole, and he wants to do one out of the city. There are no cold hard facts but I can imagine the song’s inspiration must be from when he took his dog for a walk through Beeston.

Something New -: It hasn’t always been all high flying living back at home with your parents at 25 Years old ohhh no. I use to crash on a sofa in headingley with Aidan which was shared with some interesting characters to say the least. Along with the mice that pottered around our feet the living room was stacked full of speakers. Now I don’t know fuck all about Watts and Voltage but something I do know is when your giving the V’s to a whole row of a neighbours through the window it must be loud. It wasn’t always house music either J-Mac who’s diet consisted of takeaways burgers, arguements and dancehall dub introduced me to it all and I quite liked it to be fair. For the life of him he tried getting us to subdub but after the 4000th time of telling him to get fucked he didn’t bother asking again but here’s one dedicated to the old Howden Gardens days!

Something borrowed -: Was recently reminded on just how good People under the stairs were when listening to a DJ Spinna mix and this right here is pure heat! It seems the hip hop flava has just reminded me that it’s Dillamonth which means I could delete this tune and rightlyfully put up a J-Dilla tune up but i think we can all agree he deserves a full spread  i’ll update the blog soon all dedicated to J.D himself and run down my top 5 .

Something blue :


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Electro is dead?


Electro is dead.

Well its Monday morning i’ve had me weetabix and slammed a couple of yorkshire tea’s in the head and I’m ready to take on the world. However a question hit me this morning, Is Electro Dead? What ever happened to Electro? And when I say Electro I mean Electronic Music done with a little more class than the stuff of Danny Bond 37 you hear knocking out of Leeds Market at 11am.

Even now the Electro nights I use to associate steroids, tight vests and GHB are now turning more to the Deep House stage with bookings like Catz n’ dogz , MK & Even DJ Caspa who knows how to throw down 90’s house and garage for fun. There is nothing wrong with that either people are always going to move on. I mean if truth be told my first nights out was at Space dancing around to the same repetitive jingle of Alex Simmonssss , Alex Simmons , Alex Simmons in the mix, in the mix , in the mix. Sure it only lasted a few months but I enjoyed it at the time. But with this whole take over I thought i’d give it some love and affection until it comes full circle again.

Something Old – : This right here is from 1981 and it’s fucking amazing!! I remember sweet old Kenny Dixon Jr dropping this the first time I ever saw him maybe 5 or so years ago he was sipping on Cognac and taking to the mic all night with a towel over his head and I remember thinking this guys really got it going on.

Something New-: Now truth be told I had no idea what to put in here as it really isn’t something i’ve heard much of. If it’s not found on Leeds Market it’s usually the Eurotrash from the likes of David Guetta and Steve Isnotoki which from time to time my ears can’t avoid. Whether your queuing for some new socks in H&M or getting your phone screen fixed from Mr Muhammmed you can’t dodge shit electro forever but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good stuff out there. So after digging for a few hours. I found this gem which I probably won’t remember his/there/her’s name ever again but it’s electro and it’s good.

Something Borrowed – : I don’t know what Kolsch is calling himself genre wise. But i’ll tell you it’s Electro.

Something Blue – :