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New Year's Resolutions

So it’s a new year and with the new years here come gym memberships, false promises in the form of new years resolutions and whole heap of other bollocks but there’s two things you can guarantee when a new year comes around – You won’t stick to anything you said and there will be heaps of new music around.

So just for this blog update i’m gonna scrap the whole something old, new, borrowed and blue and focus on who we think is gonna have a cracking 2015.

1.) Glenn Astro
Having Already had a pretty solid 2014 i can only see things getting bigger and better for this guy. His Productions are nothing short of genius and i’m a sucker for a guy who doesn’t like sticking to a formula and takes risks by trying to create something unique. Mr Astro is always finding new ways to deliver the goods! big things a gwarn for him in 2015

2.) O.B Ignitt
This guy really is the dogs bollocks he’s hasn’t done all that much so far, only having a few releases under his belt (but I have a feeling that this is about to change) He’s only released on 2 labels one of which is his own label OBonit and secondly the mighty FXHE Records. You pretty much know if Omar S is signing your music your doing something right!

3.) Wbeeza
I know what your all thinking..Wbeeza is already WBigga and I can’t really argue with that but i think he’s gonna explode this year, why? Because his music is simply the fucking bomb and well let’s be fair we’ve not heard much from him in a while. When your that good you can’t just stop making music I’ve got a feeling he’s sat on some real ammunition and this is the year we’re gonna hear it!

4.) Mr KS
Having released on djebali’s label really put MR KS on the map for us but we are told he is gonna release on Music is Love with a Point G remix too early into 2015 and I’m sure that’s not his only release planned for 2015. Constantly on point I really do think this will be a big year for him.

5.) Birdmakingmachine
These guys have been making waves for a number of years and they’re simply shit hot at what they do. I’m looking forward to more releases from them this year on their BMM label and with the whole dubby techno scene really thriving at the moment I genuinely think these guys are some of the best in it’s field.

6.)Julian Alexander
We got nothing but love for this young chap he’s simply carving up magic every time he hit’s the studio. When your debut release is with Brawther & Tristan Da Cunha’s Dungeoun Meat you know you could well be on to a pretty little career. He’s got another e.p out on slapfunk later in the year, aswell as a tasty remix alongside his brother for us at Albion Records too!

Wowwwwwzaaa if you like been slapped hard by music then check these guys out. Releasing on labels such as 50 weapons and Klasse Recordings in 2014 these three guys can only get hotter going into 2015.

8.) Edward
I knew fuck all about this chap untill loads of boring cunts were swaying round to his music I think they call it boiler room and it was with Oskar Offerman. I’m simply hooked on this tune of his, it he seems to have all the ingredients to be a house hold name not that ingredients seem to matter anymore but if he keeps doing what he’s doing he should shine in the new year.

9.) Gari Romalis
What would a one to watch be without some Detroit talent. This guy is releatively unknown when it comes to mentioning Talent from detroit. He’s upcoming in fact he’s been releasing music for some time but I’ve got an incline people might start to take note of Gari Romalis this year and that’s why he’s made my list.

10.) Shanti Celeste
We love this girl and i’m tipping you’ll love her too by the end of the year. She co runs BRSTL and works in idle hands. Defo one to keep an eye out for!

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Ere mate jus’ put a donk on it!


It’s Friday again which means two things firstly your bank account come Monday morning is gonna look something similar of that of local tramp who smell’s like piss n’ biscuits and is always asking for two’s on your cig, And secondly your gonna drink the amount of a small African village.

So whilst your clock watching at work at your desk or your clock watching for that giro to come in either way ladies and gentlemen I’ve been running a question to my sweet self What is the best remix ever? It’s a tough one it’s one of them questions in the game would you rather toss off ya dad or finger ya mam?

It’s too hard to call but in true Albion style i thought i’d do something old, new , borrowed and then end it with a picture of me fingering me mam for the bit of blue!

Something Old-:  

This is seriously one of my favourite tunes of all time ; i can’t get enough of it infact if i was to listen to one song for the rest of my life it would probably be this. it’s perfection it’s better than most blowjob’s i’ve had. i’d probably give anyone who disagreed a good old gipton kiss too. One of them that just goosebumps me from start to finish a true true master piece and for me Carl Craig’s best work.

Something New-: 

Truth be told after hearing the carl craig tune fuck all comes close to sounding good. But this is a remix from one of our good friends the man who delivers a good old fashioned wallllloooooppp in his tunes it’s one half of dungeon meat Brawther. He remixes one of the biggest house bands around and brings the heat big time with this yet to hear it on a big system but i can bet you not many people are stood still sending texts when this comes on!

Something Borrowed -:  

Here we go this bad boy was half inched from one of the finest selectors around people say ricardo is one of the best in the business but i’d always , always argue there is one man that can even out do him on his finest day and that is Mr Thomas Franzmann aka ZIP! and this is one tune that will tear up any club!

Something Blue -:  As Promised me finger blasting me mam with her new toilet plunger

mum fingered

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Fat Autumn Girls


So it’s Friday and it’s time to get jiggy wit’ da weekend!

I should be buzzing ringing round looking for partners in crime to smash up the city lights listening to techno and fist pumping thin air and annoying the rest of the street or work place …. however recently i can’t help but find myself enjoying alot more break-beat & chill out vibes. So much so i’ve actually started up a little collaboration with a few sound folk named White Rose Movements but that’s all in the prepubescent stage.
Anyways I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet like a diabetic dwarf ; because it’s Friday afternoon and although my music taste has changed i still got things to see and people to do.

Something Old -:

This guy is just straight up talent he’s worked alongside some of the best in the bizznizzzzzz including the one and only J-Dilla. Call Him DJ Dez , Drummer from Detroit or you might know him for his cuts on La Vida or Moodymann’s Mahogani imprint, under the name Andres. Either way whether he’s making sexy hip hop instrumentals or Deep house that the shufflers can’t dance too he does a damnnnn good job of both!

Something New -:

Nightmares on wax i don’t really need to say much about this guy; He’s a Local lad done great and defo one of my biggest influences. Guy can’t put a foot wrong in my eye’s , unless his foot was to go in my eye, Even then i think i’d have to let it slip! Anyways this isn’t a new tune at all as many N.O.W fan’s will know but it’s a re-rub by the one and only Ashley Beedle. Original is hard to beat but this does a good job dammmmmmn nice tune!

Something Borrowed -:

I tommy twoc’d this off a good friend of mine and also fellow parent to our prepubed child named White Rose Movement. He introudced me to Guts quite recently really and i’m hooked like CRACK! He’s Dope with i captial Fuck me! check him out here

Something Blue-: Sequoia-Redd

Friday treat and let’s be honest alot of you will be taking alot worse than this home this weekend. Hairy pit’s and all you just know under that leaf there is gonna be a fanny that looks like a punched lasagne

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Guess who’s back?


So we’ve been slacker than a prostitutes with several kids vag-jay-jay as of late so apologies. i think our last post goes all the way back to march which is shameful. i wish we had a decent excuse like we’d be hospitalized or we did the season in Ibiza again…. we’ve simple been mooching around Leeds from party to party been L-A-Z-Y! and that doesn’t get you anywhere!

Truth be told i forgot we even had a blog until a few weeks ago i was at some hell hole of a festival in bonnie scotland which featured deep house pioneers Duke Dumont, MK , Oliver $ and some other turklingtons on the bill. I had someone ask me why we stopped the blog? And the only answer to give was? Can you say that again mate i can’t understand your accent? he repeated in his scottish twang and i couldn’t actually give an answer so that made me think let’s bring the blog back!

So i guess we best get to the music. And since the blog was given a bit of a triple heart bypass and resurrected in Scotland and them scratching their cans of super tennents itching for independence i thought apart from the union jack looking shit and iron bru probably doubling in price would we miss the the sweaty socks musically?

Something Old-: 

This little or ‘wee’ piece if from a chap called tobias schmidt sounds more like a nazi foot soldier than a scot granted but he is and he’s pretty fucking good at making techno. This dates back to 1995 when drugs were ace regardless who you bought them from.


Something New -:  

Here’s someone i would miss it’s auntie flo i’ve still now managed to see one of his live set’s yet but he truly is a great musician who can flex between afro-beat , house , soul , salsa and anything that makes you shake like an ann summers battery powered toy.

Something borrowed -:  

I shazamed this little puppy once upon a club night can’t remember who i stole it from to be fair or where i even was not the greatest of story’s i know but it’s a great song that’s all i know and it’s from Marquis Hawkes who’s seen many a release on DABJ which is a scottish label not the greatest of facts i know but it’s a great label.

Something Blue-:  And the women i’d defo miss granny scogins and her taste in kilts.


So there you have it other shout out’s have to go out to Optimo, Harri & Domenic, Jackmaster , James Johnson , Koreless,  Craig Smith , OOFT, Fudge Fingas & Linkwood

I’m Saying NO to independence and YES to indepen-dance!

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History of House

History of House



So I saw the latest trailer / teaser for the house that built chicago ; which is a brand spanking new house music documentary which for me I found quite painful. So myself personally when asked this question I first thought of the golden era with the likes of Fingers Inc , Frankie Knuckles , Larry Levan etc but then I remembered been shown a Number of names – sharevari by moodymann the first time I saw him he hand picked this as the track that started it all.

Now although I think Kenny Dixon Jr might be the coolest mother fucker on the planet I couldn’t help but still scratch my head and think was that the very beginning? and what came before then?

So here’s my little piece on the history of house…. hope you enjoy.

Now before I go on i’ll tell you now this shit ain’t gospel either i’m not saying I know the answer because truly I reckon it’s hard to point a finger at a group of fat kids with cake all round there lips and say who took the first slice but i’m gonna get all inspector cluso on this shit and to do that you gotta find out who firstly baked the cake before it was consumed…. so here we go!
What happened before house??..

Well the answer would be Disco and the first traditional disco tune I can find would be this and by traditional I mean (electric bass and guitar, live drums, and acoustic orchestras)

Now this little puppy dates back as far as 1969 and I don’t think it can be argued that it has all the elements of disco but when did Disco become electronic and synth happy?

Well that was when the Moog came around and the first guy to master that was a chap who had a girls names. Sweet ol’ Wendy Carlos came and fucked shit up in classical land by spanking an album called switched on bach. It was recorded on a custom-built eight-track recorder fannying about with numerous takes and overdubs. This was long before the days of MIDI sequencers. Recording the album was a tedious and time-consuming process—each of the pieces had to be assembled one part at a time it’s a lot of a fuck about but well worth it as this is what he created.

Jazz got hold of it and it sounded like this


Electronic Music was created and it sounded like this……

And when Disco finally got to grips it sounded EPIC

Now i’ve totally lost myself here. Where was we? This isn’t about the Moog but about house but I think it’s very important to talk about this as it’s a key part to any electronic sound and house is electronic so there is a very brief history on the Moog and what is did to some genres.

Now are we closer to finding out who made the first house music song?? Absolutely not. But I think it’s important to point out a few people who could be in contention to claiming they started house music these are Telex and of course it needed someone from Japan home of the Yamaha Keyboard and let’s be fair all round dab hands with technology i’m talking about the Yellow Magic Orchestra these guys was snapping necks before Kraftwerk and certainly deserve a mention.


& Yellow Magic Orchestra (skip it in if your don’t wanna feel like your stuck inbetween a battle between Sonic the hedgehog and Mario & Luigi)

Personally the closest I can get to finding the first house beat as we know it now is 1984 with a few people contending who stamped the house stamp.

Everyone jumped on Jesse Saunders On & On, which has sold at £180 at it’s higest so surely thats for a reason behind the price maybe this was the first ever house tune ever made?

But I can’t help but put this into contention too

Personally I don’t think we’ll know which fat chubby fuck eat that first slice of cake nor’ will we find out who made house music first but I thought i’d dig some things out that made a difference.

Something blue -:

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The Ghost


Saturday 8th March 2014 and we are currently in the age of the lazy cunt, And that’s exactly why we haven’t done a blog in a while so apologies for that. But we are back now and with the subject of Ghosts. Recently I have seen people get spooked out about ghosts. I don’t mean the bedroom sheet floating around rooms with cut out eye holes… I mean something more scary to any music purist the ghost producer!

Now let me put this opinion out there and that’s all it is an opinion. I’m all for ghost producers.

I said It before we are in the age of the lazy which is sadly a fetal disease that is hitting promoters all over the country. They know the best way to fill a club is to hit up beatport or juno’s top 10. They are booking people who are in many ways  one hit wonders who have no actual experience of DJ’ing and DJ stands for Disc Jockey which might surprise some of the newer generation of USB’J’s and Laptops. They shoot there way to the top with normally a one hit wonder and are getting bookings for days upon end.

Now Here’s another scenario for you. Your a music fan and been collecting records for years you can mix tighter and a 13 year olds snatch and have gems coming out your arse however when you hit the studio your attention span is of a fish maybe due to the many late nights under the influence or so on but you can’t get the hang of this producing malarkey? What do you do? I’ll tell you what i’d do i’d ring a friend up and see if i could jump in the studio and get a track together.

It’s sad but the time of the DJ is almost forgotten about I can only name a few that have soley made it with just there DJ’ing ability and i’m gonna sing there praises and post up my favorite mixes in today’s blog.

I know for sure if I was a customer i’d rather pay to see the best Disc Jockey in the world than the best producer. And is getting help in the studio any different from getting help with a laptop DJ’ing?

Something Old -: Optimo are simply amazing and here is a mix from 1991. from one half of the duo twitch the night that led to there success started in 1997 so this was prior but i’m putting it into the mixer as Optimo as both are class acts.

Something New -: Put this in the new section but it’s not so call me a liar and cheat if you want I don’t give a fuck but you’ll be thanking me after checking out this mix he’s simply amazing filling you with non stop funk and boogie and certainly making your day a bit brighter.

Something Borrowed-: Not borrowed at all but this guy for me is one of the very best around ok I know he’s had a couple of tunes out but as collabs and done a various bits and bobs but predominantly he is a Disc Jockey and one the very

best out there we’ve booked him for nest a few years ago and he tore the place to bits! Here’s a mix from 1994

Something Blue -: not the best blowjob lips i’ve seen. but i’ve never shaged a pumpkin like.



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Tru luv


So it’s Valentine’s day and love is in the air. I expect everyone’s about to dine out with the love of their life after a day of exchanging gift after gift and whispering an insurmountable amount of sweet nothings into each other’s ears . The young singleton’s have rushed back from work, put on their favourite undercrackers and bought some of the finest hugo bosshead cologne from poundland in a last ditch attempt to whisk away some true love tonight…

But in reality this image is not one we can all relate to. Instead tonight most of us will go out and get that cunted we forget our spud faced, spouses name and proceed to stumble home, not holding hands with that love of ours, by with tariq’s finest donner kebab. And Instead of making love to your significant other you will most likely get back and fuck the sleeve of your favourite jacket whilst sobbing over your last true love which was way back in year 8.

To stop this from happening here’s my finest selection of sexy boy’s to help you get down and dirty tonight.

Something old: –

First up a true classic, just remember all you young folk loved up to the teeth ‘Only Love can break your heart’ as echoed in this masterpiece by St Etienne.  Up there as one of the true classics from the 1990’s, much more a sombre tune to ponder away your previous bogeyed girlfriend, rather than to whip off your keks to and make love in a manic sexual frenzy.

St Etienne – Only Love can break your heart

Something New

Not new at all but, but who gives a fuck when Dance Mania have re released some of their greatest hits as part of a new compilation called Hardcore Traxx. Now with hits such as ‘da dik suk’ ‘work this pussy’ and ‘3 fine hoes’ this Chicago based label might not be the best soundtrack to woo away Tracy the photocopier from work that you think might have a twinkle in her eye just for you. So instead I’ve chosen a track that’s a little more loved up than your usual dance mania, hoe bangin slammer. it’s entitled ‘searching hard’ by da posse,  it’s perfect background music back at yours as you tell that special one about your volunteering work for blind puppy dogs and how you’re definitely going to see them again.

Something borrowed: –

This got dropped last night by my boy Damiano Von Erckert in the boiler room and it went off. Ok, so the tune might have been sampled more times than the thighs of the local brass. But it definitely has its place and can go down a treat at the right time. This 70’s classic makes me want to don some of my dad’s old foisty flares, perm my hair with my nan’s blowdryer and hit the town looking like a 1970’s hustler with pimp stick firmly in tow.

Gwen Mccrae – All this Love

Something Blue: –



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